Refúgio is located in the parish of Feteira, in Faial island, about 3 minutes from the airport, and another 3 from the city of Horta. The villa is located on the regional road, in a privileged area about 50 meters from a bakery / pastry shop, ATM and grocery store. At 100 meters distance we find the bathing areas, as well as the children’s playground, the picnic park and the Salgueirinha restaurant.


Refúgio has 2 apartments, one with four bedroms and another with one bedroom. Both apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, living room with cable TV, bathroom, washing machine and wi-fi.

Outside our guests have access to the private car park, and to the garden where they can enjoy the pool and walk by our orchard, that is still growing, and overlooks Pico Mountain.

We also offer bike rental, a very pleasant way to walk around the island.


The shape of the logo born from the junction of 4 basic concepts. It presents an organic form that represents in general the nature, the idea of the cycle of life. It is also associated to the ying-yang symbol, to the balance and harmony that conveys and to the recycling cycle, as if the person who goes to Refúgio needs to “recycle” itself, that is, to go into your inner self and leave with a new spirit, granted by rest and environment provided in this renewal space. The hands also give strength to this idea, a kind of refuge, a place that in addition to be surrounded by nature, is also enveloped in a very humane and affable environment. The green color in a soft tone, not only represents the nature but also the own space environment, a quiet and tranquilizing place.